I had hurt my shoulder to the point where I couldnt lift weights overhead anymore. I told my concerns to Kelly, hoping a massage could fix it. She asked me a lot of questions about my injury and what hurt and took a lot of time with me explaining what she was doing and why. She also recommended some things afterwards that I could use to help. In time, I was able to start lifting heavy again and doing what I love.
I really recommend Kelly first to anyone that has had a muscular related injury. She's very professional and really wants to help and get you to the point where you can perform your best again!

Treva J.

Kelly is awesome! In a short session she helped my mobility so much! I went from barely being able to sit in a chair without hip discomfort to breaking parallel on a squat! She’s the best.

Brennan P.

Kelly is amazing! She knows exactly how to get to the part that’s hurting and relieve it!! Highly recommend her!

Rebecca R.

CrossFit can sometimes leave a body feeling extremely sore and tight. Kelly has worked on me several times now and after every session with her, I always feel a thousand times better. She’s great at what she does - can’t recommend her highly enough! #KellyMagicHandsHaire

Alissa S.

If I had a million bucks to give this woman, I would because that’s how she made me feel! I’ve been dealing with intense shoulder pain for the past 4-5 months. I went and saw Kelly a couple weeks ago and for the first time I actually didn’t think about my pain for a couple of days because she worked some magic!!!! My shoulder pain has weakened tremendously. She’s the real deal and genuinely cares about you and your well being. So, go see her!!

Addie S.

She’s fabulous. And knows exactly what to do to alleviate aches or pains from intense training. Highly recommend!

Sarah S.