Sometimes the products you use can make a huge difference in how you move and feel!
Many of my clients have heard me say that I will never win against a poor diet, an old mattress, a desk job, etc.
Here are some of my favorites.


If you sleep well, you spend about 1/3 of your life in your bed. Read that again. How old are your mattress and pillow?

Are they helping you or hurting you?

Here are my favorites for sleepytime:

 (I'd recommend "medium firm")



We also spend a good chunk of our time at work. Here are some products that can make work easier on your body.



Did you know that soft, cushy, "supportive" shoes can actually wreak havoc on your body in the long term? Even the smallest heel rise can throw off your alignment and pelvic position.
Get back in touch with the ground with these barefoot shoes (and talk to me about how to make the transition):

Walking barefoot is even better-- free those tootsies and go explore!

Add these Yogabody toe separators into your evening wind-down routine to naturally stretch your feet.



Whatever your goals or dietary restrictions are, Avatar can help you tackle your nutrition and reach your goals. They really know their stuff and can cater to the college athlete, your vegan grandmother, and everyone in between.

Complete with live coaching, recipes, an online community, and more; my clients are probably tired of me talking about how great they are. Oh, and did I mention it's only $10/month?
Here's where to find 'em: Avatar Nutrition

Some other things I recommend to my clients:

  • For supplements, I love Pure Encapsulations. They pride themselves on what's not in their products. No allergens, no fillers, no artificial flavors/colors, no nonsense.

  • MyProtein for protein, creatine, pre-workout and more (this link saves you 35% off your order of $30+)

  • Electrolytes! Especially in this Tennessee heat. I'm a fan of Nuun vitamins + electrolytes as well as their Rest + Recovery formula.

Stuffed Avocado


Work on your mobility at home with some of these tools of the trade.

Yoga Asana


I'm a bodyworker with a passion for learning, movement, and learning through movement!

Here are some companies/channels that I love.



Here are my go-to's for services in Knoxville.



  • WodBottom. A women-owned company that helps support victims of domestic violence by selling some hella cute workout clothes. Use code HAIKEL10 to save 10%.

  • Athia Skin. Cruelty-free, all-natural skin care products. A portion of proceeds go to scholarships for girls around the world with their partnership with She's The First.
    Use code KELLY15 to save 15%.

  • Tough Mode Shorts. I just really like them.

  • Boody. Thoughtful, sustainable, and so comfy. This company makes their clothing from organic bamboo and uses a portion of proceeds to fight malaria in Africa.

  • Steelie Ball car mount. I use this to stick my phone to the rig (or anything magnetic, really) at the gym. Makes filming lifts easy.

Female Athlete